Changes for version 9.001_000

  • Fix bug which causes some parses for some middle recursions to be missed.


High-level HTML Parser
Reformat HTML, indented according to structure
Show complexity metric and other stats for web page
Marpa's abstract syntax forests (ASF's)
Marpa acknowledgements
A Marpa bibliography
Other input models
Direct access to Libmarpa
BNF Interface (obsoleted)
Differences between Marpa::R2 and Marpa::XS
SLIF parse events
Parse exhaustion in the SLIF
Low-level interface to Marpa's Abstract Syntax Forests (ASF's)
Release 2 of Marpa
Marpa named argument interface (NAIF)
NAIF grammars
Progress reports for the NAIF
NAIF recognizers
How the NAIF evaluates parses
How the NAIF deals with infinite ambiguity
How the NAIF evaluates null rules and symbols
How the NAIF ranks ambiguous parses
Details of NAIF parse evaluation
Tracing a NAIF grammar
Progress reports on your parse
Scanless interface
The DSL for the Scanless interface
Scanless interface grammars
Scanless interface recognizers
How the SLIF evaluates parses
How the SLIF evaluates null rules and symbols
How the SLIF ranks ambiguous parses
SLIF recognizer phases
How ranks are computed
Support, and how to report bugs
Tracing your grammar
Marpa Tutorial 2
Standard parsing terms as used within Marpa


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