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perldoc_server_cgi.pl - Catalyst CGI
perldoc_server_create.pl - Create a new Catalyst Component
perldoc_server_fastcgi.pl - Catalyst FastCGI
perldoc_server_server.pl - Catalyst Testserver
perldoc_server_test.pl - Catalyst Test
Perldoc::Server - local Perl documentation server
Perldoc::Server::Controller::Ajax - Catalyst Controller
Perldoc::Server::Controller::Index - Catalyst Controller
Perldoc::Server::Controller::Root - Root Controller for Perldoc::Server
Perldoc::Server::Controller::Search - Catalyst Controller
Perldoc::Server::Controller::Source - Catalyst Controller
Perldoc::Server::Controller::View - Catalyst Controller
Perldoc::Server::Model::Pod - Catalyst Model
Perldoc::Server::View::TT - TT View for Perldoc::Server
Perldoc::Server::Convert::html in lib/Perldoc/Server/Convert/html.pm
Changes for version 0.02
    • Unicode characters in Pod are now rendered properly. Thanks to Andreas and Barbie for their help in fixing this!
    • Fixed some CSS issues. Site is now working in IE7 and Firefox, but there are still problems with Safari.

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