Jérôme Quelin
and 1 contributors

Changes for version 2.006

  • logger: log correctly when error in external command
  • old: storing "cpan -O" output
  • old: possibility to reuse previous "cpan -O" output
  • old: restoring parsing capabilities with new cpan precision output
  • old: storing rejected lines from "cpan -O" output
  • old: quieting warnings
  • old: displaying number of packages (instead of modules) per category
  • old: modules.skip now treated as regexes
  • recent: using MetaCPAN::Client (::API is deprecated, gh#2)
  • update: trying to run './refresh' if existing & no new version
  • update: trying to install buildrequires (unless MAGPIE_NO_URPMI_BUILDREQUIRES)
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