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Jonathan Swartz
Poet::Manual - Index of Poet documentation
Poet::Manual::Configuring - Built-in Poet configuration options
Poet::Manual::Intro - A gentle introduction to Poet
Poet::Manual::Subclassing - Customizing Poet with subclasses
Poet::Manual::Tutorial - Poet tutorial
get.pl - Get a URL via command line without a running server
poet - main Poet command-line interface
Poet - a modern Perl web framework for Mason developers
Poet::Cache - Poet caching with CHI
Poet::Conf - Poet configuration
Poet::Environment - Poet environment
Poet::Import - Import Poet quick vars and utilities
Poet::Log - Poet logging
Poet::Mason - Mason settings and enhancements for Poet
Poet::Moose - Poet Moose policies
Poet::Plack::Request - Poet's subclass of Plack::Request
Poet::Plack::Response - Poet's subclass of Plack::Response
Poet::Script - Intialize Poet for a script
Poet::Util::Debug - Debug utilities
Poet::Util::File - File utilities
Poet::Util::Web - Web-related utilities
Poet::App in lib/Poet/App.pm
Poet::Environment::Generator in lib/Poet/Environment/Generator.pm
Poet::Mason::Plugin in lib/Poet/Mason/Plugin.pm
Poet::Mechanize in lib/Poet/Mechanize.pm
Poet::Server in lib/Poet/Server.pm
Poet::Tools in lib/Poet/Tools.pm
Poet::Types in lib/Poet/Types.pm
Changes for version 0.13
    • Improvements
    • Add standard error pages and 500 error response for errors in live mode
    • Fixes
    • Retain response object ($m->res) when creating subrequests via $m->go and $m->visit

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