convert SQL schema using SQL::Translator
Automatically create a diagram from a database schema
find the differences b/w two schemas
create a dumper script from a schema
Automatically create a graph from a database schema


manipulate structured data definitions (SQL and more)
describes how to write a parser
"parser" for DBI handles
parser for DBD::mysql
parser for DBD::SQLite
parser for DBD::Sybase
parser for PostgreSQL
parser for Schema objects serialized with the Storable module
Alias to XML::SQLFairy parser
parser for SQL::Translator's XML
Parse a YAML representation of a schema
parser for arbitrarily delimited text files
describes how to write a producer
create Class::DBI classes from schema
ER diagram producer for SQL::Translator
GraphViz producer for SQL::Translator
HTML producer for SQL::Translator
MySQL-specific producer for SQL::Translator
Oracle SQL producer
POD producer for SQL::Translator
PostgreSQL producer for SQL::Translator
SQLite producer for SQL::Translator
serializes the SQL::Translator::Schema object via the Storable module
Sybase producer for SQL::Translator
Produces output using the Template Toolkit from a SQL schema
Alias to XML::SQLFairy producer
SQLFairy's default XML format
A YAML producer for SQL::Translator
SQL::Translator schema object
SQL::Translator constraint object
SQL::Translator field object
SQL::Translator index object
SQL::Translator procedure object
SQL::Translator table object
SQL::Translator trigger object
SQL::Translator view object
SQL::Translator Utility functions