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Changes for version 0.05

  • RT #56882: Fixed to use autohistory if the system's local ReadLine supports it.
  • RT #56885: EOF now treated like a quit signal
  • ATTENTION: updates that affect the interface...
  • RT #56887: The order of the commands shown in the built-in interactive menu is now determined by the order the commands are declared in command_map.
    • The Application hook method "command_map" should now return a (hash-worthy) list, not a HASH ref.
    • To upgrade a CLIF app to be compatible with this release, change the definition of command_map() to return a list (see documentation for CLI::Framework::Application::command_map) and remember to change calls to that method if necessary.
    • Also see the new CLIF Application method, command_map_hashref().
  • New method CLI::Framework::Application::command_map_hashref() returns a HASH ref constructed from the command_map() list.
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