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Changes for version 0.28

  • When y_n() or prompt() are called without a default value and the build seems to be unattended (e.g. in automatic CPAN testing), we now die() with an error message rather than silently returning undef for prompt(), or looping indefinitely for y_n().
  • When searching for '.modulebuildrc', return the first HOME-like directory that actually contains the file instead of the first existing directory. Document the search locations and the order searched. [Spotted by David Golden]
  • Split the API documentation out of Module::Build::Authoring into its own document: Module::Build::API.
  • We should not emit a warning if a Module::Build subclass is required in a Makefile.PL that is not bundled in the current distribution; it may be installed on the user's system. [Spotted by Tyler MacDonald]
  • copy_if_modified() now preserves the executable bit of the source file. [Spotted by Julian Mehnle]
  • Fixed compatibility of our screen-scraping the Test::Harness output so we can recognize the most recent Test::Harness version. [Steve Hay]
  • Backing out a requirement added in 0.27_06 on the method y_n() to always include a default. This behavior would cause existing build scripts to start failing. We now fail with a missing default only when $ENV{PERL_MM_USE_DEFAULT} is set because there is no reasonable default.
  • Make install_types() method smarter with respect to custom install types.
  • Add documentation for the install_base_relpaths() and prefix_relpaths() methods. Improved their usage for a public API, and added tests.
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