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Andrew Johnson
errorlog.pl - CGI::Application script to bootstrap Helios::Panoptes::ErrorLog
joblog.pl - CGI::Application script to bootstrap Helios::Panoptes::JobLog
panoptes.pl - CGI::Application script to bootstrap Helios::Panoptes
Helios::Panoptes - CGI::Application providing web admin interface to Helios distributed job processing system
Helios::Panoptes::ErrorLog - Helios::Panoptes extension to handle the Error Log view
Helios::Panoptes::Helper - helper methods used by Helios::Panoptes::ErrorLog and Helios::Panoptes::JobLog
Helios::Panoptes::JobLog - Helios::Panoptes app providing Job Log view
Changes for version 1.50_2630
    • NEW DEVELOPMENT RELEASE CYCLE - primarily to add Oracle support
    • Completely rewritten joblog.pl/JobLog.pm to work with Oracle
    • and FastCGI

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