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Changes for version 2.6 - 2005-05-02

  • Utilities::handle_que_args passes in the caller's package space to moduleconfig, which now checks the argument before blindly using "caller" to get the global/local configuration.
    • This also simplifies re-cycling metadata in the defaults hash by allowing code in multiple packages to access the same local configuration information.
    • Aside: Next step will be having module config use multiple arguments to overlay the arguments so that code can share multiple groups of metadata. stay tuned...
  • Config::moduleconfig takes an optional argument of the package name to use for finding global, local configuration information.
    • Note: this does not affect any existing code.
  • POD updates.


Extract global and package-specifc data from a configuration hash.
Execution front end for schedules. Main use is tying together the various modules used with S::D for running a set of jobs. Exports "runsched" to pass in the schedule and optional sequence of schedule items to debug for #! code.


in lib/Schedule/Depend/