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Changes for version 3.20240618 - 2024-06-18

  • Config: Fix generation of some directories when they are not supplied and also do not exist. This should fix issues with OpenBSD


A Perl Mail Authentication Milter
Manage the Authentication Milter Block List
A Perl Mail Authentication Milter client
Work with Authentication Milter logs


A Perl Mail Authentication Milter
Command to add a block to a given file
Command to delete a block for a given file
Command to list current blocks for a given file
Command to convert an authentication milter arex log back into an A-R header
Client for connecting back to the authmilter server
Load config files for Authentication Milter
Define and export useful constants
Class representing an exception
Load and serve static files via the in-built http server.
Handler class for sending data to Abusix
Handler class for Address alignment
Handler class for SMTP Auth
Block mail based on simple rules
Handler class for Local IP Connections
Handler class for logging of headerss
Handler class for PTR checking
Handler class for RBLDNS checks
Handler class for Checking Return address validity
Handler class for Removing headers
Handler class for message size metrics
Handler class for Trusted IP addresses
Handler class for Google specific DKIM
Class for metrics generation
Class for Grafana dashboards
Local modified copy of Net::Milter
Patches to Net::Server::PreFork
Setup system wide pragmas
Class used for testing