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Mario Roy
MCE - Many-core Engine for Perl. Provides parallel processing capabilities.
MCE::Core - Documentation describing the core API for Many-core Engine
MCE::Examples - A list of examples demonstrating Many-core Engine
MCE::Flow - Parallel flow model for building creative applications
MCE::Grep - Parallel grep model similar to the native grep function
MCE::Loop - Parallel loop model for building creative loops
MCE::Map - Parallel map model similar to the native map function
MCE::Queue - Hybrid queues (normal including priority) for Many-core Engine
MCE::Signal - Temporary directory creation/cleanup & signal handling
MCE::Step - Parallel step model for building creative steps
MCE::Stream - Parallel stream model for chaining multiple maps and greps
MCE::Subs - Exports functions mapped directly to MCE methods
MCE::Util - Public and private utility functions for Many-core Engine
MCE in lib/MCE.pm
MCE::Core::Input::Generator in lib/MCE/Core/Input/Generator.pm
MCE::Core::Input::Handle in lib/MCE/Core/Input/Handle.pm
MCE::Core::Input::Iterator in lib/MCE/Core/Input/Iterator.pm
MCE::Core::Input::Request in lib/MCE/Core/Input/Request.pm
MCE::Core::Input::Sequence in lib/MCE/Core/Input/Sequence.pm
MCE::Core::Manager in lib/MCE/Core/Manager.pm
MCE::Core::Validation in lib/MCE/Core/Validation.pm
MCE::Core::Worker in lib/MCE/Core/Worker.pm
Changes for version 1.514
    • Fixed typo in MCE::Step POD (RT#95250) (Florian Schlich).
    • Updated MCE::Util's get_ncpu function for AIX (Dana Jacobsen).
    • Do not send a KILL signal after receiving a SIGPIPE.
    • Fixed issue with Makefile.PL on defining the minimum Perl version.
    • Use Scalar::Util (looks_like_number) for validation logic. The regex previously were insufficient for large numbers containing scientific notation. This impacted the sequence option in MCE.
    • The mce-sandbox demo has been released on Github demonstrating Perl + MCE + Inline::C. The theme is Prime Numbers. This journey which began 2 years ago has been completed. There is also the mce-sort exercise demonstrating Perl + MCE + External C. https://github.com/marioroy/mce-sandbox (is thread-safe) https://github.com/marioroy/mce-sort (not thread-safe)
    • A hard decision had to made for MCE, particularly Perl under Windows excluding Cygwin. MCE will now load the threads module automatically for Windows only. Folks may specify use_threads => 0 if threads is not desired. The reason for this is from seeing Math::Prime::Util crashing once workers exit. The same is true without MCE and forking a child process. Threads does not exhibit this behavior. It is a hard problem to solve. Why not default to threads for Windows since forking is emulated.

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