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Changes for version 0.79

Changes for version 0.78_6

  • Remove old configuration variables from version 0.74.
  • document $mail{Sender}
  • add seconds to Date header (some buggy mailers freak out if the time has no seconds)
  • added "/" (\x2F) as a valid character in mailbox part.
  • minor documentation updates

Changes for version 0.78_5

  • Adapt reference to mail headers in module to new case convention (bug introduced in 0.78_2).
  • ppd and PPM install changes...

Changes for version 0.78_4

  • no change in module, only in PPM distribution

Changes for version 0.78_3

  • support multi-line responses
  • define local $\ and $_ in &sendmail to protect us from outside settings (is this really needed?)
  • delete $mail{Sender} used for envelope sender, but not needed as header
  • internal rewrite using subs to send and receive on socket

Changes for version 0.78_2

  • fix old bug with dot as 76th char disappearing.
  • correct very old bug where port number was not extracted from stuff like 'my.server:2525'.
  • fix time_to_date bug with negative half-hour zones (only Newfoundland?)
  • use Sys::Hostname to get the hostname for HELO. (I think it has been part of the standard distribution for many years now)
  • support different envelope sender through $mail{Sender}
  • Change case of headers: first character after "-" also uppercased now, so people who believe this is required because Outlook does it this way stop complaining. :-)
  • Enable full session output for debugging
  • Do not copy the mail message again to a different variable.
  • Minor documentation changes.