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Changes for version 5.7099_01

  • Refactored component resolution (component(), models(), model(), et al). We now throw warnings for two reasons: 1) model() or view() was called with no arguments, and two results are returned
    • set default_(model|view), current_(model|view) or current_(model|view)_instance instead
    • 2) you call a component resolution method with a string, and it resorts to a regexp fallback wherein a result is returned -- if you really want to search, call the method with a regex as the argument
  • remove 0-length query string components so warnings aren't thrown (RT #36428)
  • Update HTTP::Body dep so that the uploadtmp config value will work (RT #22540)
  • Fix for LocalRegex when used in the Root controller
  • Get some of the optional_* tests working from dirs with spaces (RT #26455)
  • Fix Catalyst::Utils::home() when application .pm is in the current dir (RT #34437)
  • Added the ability to remove parameters in req->uri_with() by passing in an undef value (RT #34782)
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