Changes for version 5.8000_01 - 2008-10-13

  • Port to Moose
  • Added test for action stringify
  • Added test for component instances getting $self->{value} from config.
  • Add Catalyst::Response->print() method (ilmari)
  • Optionally aggregate tests using Test::Aggregate (Florian Ragwitz).
  • Additional docs for uri_for to mention how to use $c->action and $c->req->captures (jhannah)
  • List unattached chained actions in Debug mode (Florian Ragwitz).
  • Pod formatting fix for Engine::FastCGI (Oleg Kostyuk).
  • Add visit, a returning ->go
    • Fix some Win32 test failures
    • Add pt translation of error message (wreis)
    • Make :Chained('../action') work (Florian Ragwitz)
    • Add test actions
    • Chained doc improvements (rev 8326-8328)

Changes for version 5.7099_03 - 2008-07-20

  • Fix regressions for regexp fallback in model(), view() and controller()
  • Added the supplied argument to the regexp fallback warning for easier debugging
  • Ensure ACCEPT_CONTEXT is called for results from component()

Changes for version 5.7099_02 - 2008-07-16

  • Added PathPrefix attribute
  • Removed Catalyst::Build; we've long since moved to Module::Install
  • Updated Catalyst::Test docs to mention the use of HTTP::Request objects (Rafael Kitover)

Changes for version 5.7099_01 - 2008-06-25

  • Refactored component resolution (component(), models(), model(), et al). We now throw warnings for two reasons: 1) model() or view() was called with no arguments, and two results are returned
    • set default_(model|view), current_(model|view) or current_(model|view)_instance instead
    • 2) you call a component resolution method with a string, and it resorts to a regexp fallback wherein a result is returned -- if you really want to search, call the method with a regex as the argument
  • remove 0-length query string components so warnings aren't thrown (RT #36428)
  • Update HTTP::Body dep so that the uploadtmp config value will work (RT #22540)
  • Fix for LocalRegex when used in the Root controller
  • Get some of the optional_* tests working from dirs with spaces (RT #26455)
  • Fix Catalyst::Utils::home() when application .pm is in the current dir (RT #34437)
  • Added the ability to remove parameters in req->uri_with() by passing in an undef value (RT #34782)
  • Added $c->go, to do an internal redispatch to another action, while retaining the contents of the stash


Catalyst Installation
Catalyst Installation on CentOS 4
Bootstrap a Catalyst application


The Elegant MVC Web Application Framework
Catalyst Action
Chain of Catalyst Actions
Catalyst Action Container
Handles code attribute storage and caching
Deprecated base class
Catalyst Component Base Class
Catalyst Controller base class
DispatchType Base Class
Path Part DispatchType
Default DispatchType
Index DispatchType
Path DispatchType
Regex DispatchType
The Catalyst Dispatcher
The Catalyst Engine
The CGI Engine
FastCGI Engine
Catalyst HTTP Engine
Catalyst Auto-Restarting HTTP Engine
Watch for changed application files
Catalyst Exception Class
Catalyst Log Class
User guide and reference for Catalyst
Catalyst Model base class
provides information about the current client request
handles file upload requests
stores output responding to the current client request
The Catalyst Framework Runtime
Catalyst Timing Statistics Class
Test Catalyst Applications
The Catalyst Utils
Catalyst View base class


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