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Changes for version 5.8000_07

  • Add the Catalyst::Dispatcher->dispatch_type method (ash)
  • Throw an exception rather than loading an app if an action tries to chain to itself (t0m)
    • Tests for this
  • Change the $c->visit and $c->go methods to optionally take CaptureArgs, making them useful to call ActionChains with (t0m)
    • Tests for this (radek)
  • Fix _invoke_as_component method to find the proper action instance for dispatchable actions so that ->visit or ->going to ActionChains with qw/Class::Name method_name/ works correctly (t0m)
    • Tests for this (radek)
  • Added Catalyst::Test::ctx_request to be able to inspect the context object after a request is made (Jos Boumans)
  • debug() POD rewrite (jhannah)
  • Change the warning when you have conflicting components to present a list (t0m)
  • Move NEXT use and testing deprecated features out to its own test application so that the main TestApp isn't polluted with spurious warnings (t0m)
  • Add a warning for the old ::[MVC]:: style naming scheme (t0m)
    • Test for this (t0m)
  • Kill Class::C3::Adopt::NEXT warnings for the Catalyst:: namespace in production versions (t0m)
  • Tidy up Catalyst::ClassData to ensure that all components get the correct metaclass (t0m)
  • Make MyApp.pm restartable by unsetting setup_finished in the restarter process (t0m)
  • Non-naive implementation of making mutable on restart using B::Hooks::OP::Check::StashChange if installed (t0m)
    • Tests for this (t0m)
  • Naive implementation of making all components mutable in the forked restart watcher process so native Moose apps using immutable restart correctly. (t0m)
    • Tests for this (t0m)
  • Bump Moose dependency to 0.70 so that we avoid nasty surprises with is_class_loaded and perl 5.80 when you Moosify MyApp.pm (t0m)
  • Clarify that request arguments aren't unescaped automatically (Simon Bertrang) (Closes RT#41153)
  • Don't require C3 for the MRO test (rafl)
  • Bump MX::Emulate::CAF prereq to support list assignment (rafl)
  • Remove useless column in chained action debug table. (rafl)
  • namespace::clean related cleanups (rafl)
  • Import related cleanups and consistency fixes (rafl)
  • Fix test suite TestApp /dump/env action (t0m)
  • Add $res->code as alias for $res->status (hdp)
  • Make Catalyst::ClassData compatible with the latest Class::MOP::Class changes. Also depend on the latest Class::MOP. (rafl)
  • Add $c->uri_for_action method. (hdp)
  • Don't stringify the meta method. Use its name instead. (rafl)
  • Use MooseX::MethodAttributes::Inheritable to contain action attributes. This means that attributes are now represented in the MOP, allowing method modifiers on actions to work as expected. (rafl)
  • Provide a reasonable API in Catalyst::Controller for working with and registering actions, allowing a controller sub-class to replace subroutine attributes for action declerations with an alternate syntax. (rafl/hdp)
  • Instantiate correct sub-class of Moose::Meta::Class for non-Moose components where Catalyst forces the creation of a metaclass instance. This is more correct, and avoids metaclass incompatibility in complex cases (t0m)
    • Tests for this (t0m)
  • Use of deprecated Catalyst::Base now warns. (t0m)
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