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Michael G Schwern

Changes for version 0.60_01

  • Moved the docs around a little to better group all the testing functions together. [rt.cpan.org 8388]
  • Added a BAIL_OUT() function to Test::More [rt.cpan.org 8381]
  • Changed Test::Builder->BAILOUT to BAIL_OUT to match other method's naming conventions. BAILOUT remains but is deprecated.
  • Changed the standard failure diagnostics to include the test name.
    • rt.cpan.org 12490
  • is_deeply() was broken for overloaded objects in the top level in 0.59_01. [rt.cpan.org 13506]
  • String overloaded objects without an 'eq' or '==' method are now handled in cmp_ok() and is().
  • cmp_ok() will now treat overloaded objects as numbers if the comparison operator is numeric. [rt.cpan.org 13156]
  • cmp_ok(), like() and unlike will now throw uninit warnings if their arguments are undefined. [rt.cpan.org 13155]
  • cmp_ok() will now throw warnings as if the comparison were run normally, for example cmp_ok(2, '==', 'foo') will warn about 'foo' not being numeric. Previously all warnings in the comparison were supressed. [rt.cpan.org 13155]
  • Tests will now report *both* the number of tests failed and if the wrong number of tests were run. Previously if tests failed and the wrong number were run it would only report the latter.
    • rt.cpan.org 13494
  • Missing or extra tests are not considered failures for the purposes of calculating the exit code. Should there be no failures but the wrong number of tests the exit code will be 254.
  • Avoiding an unbalanced sort in eq_set() [bugs.perl.org 36354]
  • Documenting that eq_set() doesn't deal well with refs.
  • Clarified how is_deeply() compares a bit.
  • Once again working on 5.4.5.
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