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Changes for version 1.005000_003

  • Distribution Changes
  • Added an explicit license file and copies of the GPL1 and Artistic License.
  • Changed the URL pointing to the Perl license to use the dev.perl.org one pointing at the Perl license, not just the Artistic.
  • New Features
  • The default formatter can be changed several ways. use Some::Test formatter => "Some::Other::Formatter"; $builder->set_formatter( $other_formatter ); TB2_FORMATTER_CLASS environment variable [github 244] [github 243]
  • A new formatter, TB2::Formatter::TAP::TB1, emulates all the quirks of Test::Builder 0.98. [github 215]
  • Test::Builder::Tester now uses TB2::Formatter::TAP::TB1 so tests written with TBT remain compatible. TBT is discouraged, use Test::Tester.
    • github 242
  • Everything responds to object_id() now. [github 162]
  • Bug Fixes
  • subtest() once again returns the Result of the subtest.
    • github 250
  • Remove unnecessary uses of local $_ in Test::Builder::Tester. Father Chrysostomos says it interferes with a caller's tied $_.
    • rt.cpan.org 73543
  • Quiet a warning about $TODO when a test function is called at BEGIN time and outside the package into which Test::More was exported. [github 253]
  • Quiet warnings in the TAP formatter when a result name is undefined. [github 260]
  • Incompatible changes (with the last alpha)
  • TB2::NoHistory has been deleted before somebody relies on it. It was unmaintained and will be replaced by a TB2::History feature. See github 198. [github 241]
  • Events no longer have an event_id method, it's all object_id.
    • github 162
  • Documentation Changes
  • $this has been replaced with $thing to avoid Javascript or C++ folks being confused. (Karen Etheridge)
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