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Michael G Schwern

Changes for version 1.005000_005

  • New Features
  • cmp_ok() will error when used with something which is not a comparison operator, including =, += and the like.
    • github 141
  • Bug Fixes
  • Using a reference as a test name works again. [github #264]
  • Protected against Test::More accidentally overwriting $! [github #268] [github #266]
  • Restored the behavior of a fork, it will not issue its own plan, making testing with fork easier.
  • Test::Builder->name() has been restored. [github #220] (Matthew Horsfall)
  • TB2::BlackHole no longer tries to AUTOLOAD its destructor. [github #280] (Peter Rabbitson)
  • Threads work on 5.12 and 5.10 again. (Peter Rabbitson)
  • Doc Fixes
  • use_ok() has been discouraged and de-emphasized as a general replacement for `use` in tests. [github #288]
  • Incompatible Changes with previous alphas
  • TB2::Counter has been removed [github 119]
  • The test counter has been moved from the TAP formatter into TB2::History [github 190]
  • TB2::TestState is no longer a complete subclass of TB2::EventCoordinator, but delegates most EC methods. The isa/can trickery caused threading issues. [github 291]
  • TB2::TestState->current_coordinator is now TB2::TestState->ec.
  • use_ok() will no longer apply lexical pragams. The incompatibilities and extra complexity is not worth the marginal use.
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