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Changes for version 2.00_06

  • Incompatible Changes
  • The EventCoordinator now only has one history object. histories() is now history(). clear_history() and add_histories() are gone. [github 115]
  • Subtest handling has been removed from the TAP formatter. The design was wrong. It will come back later in a better form [github 120]
  • Test::Builder2::Counter, History and Formatter are no longer singletons. This is unnecessary, use the objects provided by your EventCoordinator.
    • github 117
  • stream_depth() is now a method on the History object, not the TAP formatter. This makes it available to all event watchers. [github 118]
  • history is now posted events before the formatter. This lets the formatter ask the history object about the test state.
  • INNER_accept_event and INNER_accept_result are now gone from the Formatter. Write accept_event and accept_result normally.
  • TB2->ok will now start the stream if there is not one already
  • New Features
  • Added Test::Builder2::CanLoad to protect $! and $@ from tests loading modules internally.
  • Added Test::Builder2::Tester to test Test:: modules independent of their format. [github 112]
  • Added Test::Builder2::History->plan to capture the plan event so builders don't have to
  • Test::Builder no longer tracks the plan on its own, it uses the shared History object. [github 125]
  • Bug Fixes
  • More $@ and $! protection.
  • Test::Builder now works with non-TAP formatters (or no formatter at all)
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