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Martin 'Kingpin' Thurn
RDF::AllegroGraph - Client implementation for the AllegroGraph tuple server UNAUTHORIZED
RDF::AllegroGraph::Catalog - AllegroGraph catalog handle (abstract) UNAUTHORIZED
RDF::AllegroGraph::Catalog3 - AllegroGraph catalog handle for AGv3 UNAUTHORIZED
RDF::AllegroGraph::Catalog4 - AllegroGraph catalog handle for AGv4 UNAUTHORIZED
RDF::AllegroGraph::Easy - Simplistic Interface to AllegroGraph HTTP server UNAUTHORIZED
RDF::AllegroGraph::Repository - AllegroGraph repository handle UNAUTHORIZED
RDF::AllegroGraph::Repository3 - AllegroGraph repository handle for AGv3 UNAUTHORIZED
RDF::AllegroGraph::Repository4 - AllegroGraph repository handle for AGv4 UNAUTHORIZED
RDF::AllegroGraph::Server - AllegroGraph server handle UNAUTHORIZED
RDF::AllegroGraph::Server3 - AllegroGraph server handle for the AGv3 series UNAUTHORIZED
RDF::AllegroGraph::Server4 - AllegroGraph server handle for v4 AG servers UNAUTHORIZED
RDF::AllegroGraph::Session4 - AllegroGraph session handle for AGv4 UNAUTHORIZED
RDF::AllegroGraph::Transaction4 - AllegroGraph transaction handle for AGv4 UNAUTHORIZED
RDF::AllegroGraph::Utils in lib/RDF/AllegroGraph/Utils.pm UNAUTHORIZED
Changes for version 0.09
    • removed dependency on perl 5.10
    • added missing prereq JSON::XS

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