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Changes for version 0.26

  • Fixes for Unicode characters when generating HTML. The Markdent::Simple::* classes now make sure that the scalar it returns containing HTML contains characters, not bytes. The Markdent::Handler::HTMLStream::* classes no longer entitize non-ASCII characters. Only control characters and HTML reserved character (< > & ") are encoded as HTML entities. The problems with Unicode handling were reported by Polina Shubha. GitHub PR #8.
  • HTML blocks containing Unicode characters could cause the parser to die or warn. Reported by Polina Shubha. GitHub PR #8.
  • A change in 0.25 broke the ability to have a dialect with just a block parser or span parser rather than both. Reported by Polina Shubina. GitHub issue #7.
  • The parsing of HTML entities was too greedy, so that something like "&lt;word&gt;" would be parsed a sigle eneity, "lt;word&gt", which is clearly wrong. Fixed by Polina Shubina. GitHub PR #3.
  • Accept Pandoc (1.12.3)-generated GitHub-format Markdown document style for fenced code blocks - "``` {.Perl}". Implemented by Andrew Speer. GitHub PR #4.
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