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Changes for version 2.72

  • Oct 21 2015
    • Changed tests to use Math::Utils's polynomial and compare code.
    • More POD reformatting and clarification, extend the POD docs, and change some code based on aesthetics.
    • Gave up on putting unicode directly in POD (Heinrich Dorrie's name seems to defeat the pod-to-html parser, which fails to recognize an o with an umlaut (<http://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/f6/index.htm>).
    • Bump the version numbers, up to CPAN.
  • Oct 19 2015
    • Reformat to POD-as-function-head (becoming both documentation and function comment description), as is currently done in most perl modules.
    • I'm pretty firm about (most of) the :utility functions going away by 2.80, but I also have it written that they're being removed in two releases in some parts of the documentation, which is way too restrictive. Changed all mentions of "two releases" to "version 2.80".
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