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Toby Inkster
and 2 contributors
P5U::Tutorial::Development - so, you want to write your own p5u command...
p5u - utilities for Perl 5 development and administration
P5U - utilities for Perl 5 development and administration
P5U::Lib::AutoProve - support library implementing p5u's auto-prove command
P5U::Lib::DebianRelease - support library implementing p5u's debian-release command
P5U::Lib::Reprove - download a distribution's tests and prove them
P5U::Lib::TestPod - support library implementing p5u's testpod command
P5U::Lib::Testers - support library implementing p5u's testers command
P5U::Lib::Version - support library implementing p5u's version command
P5U::Lib::Whois - support library implementing p5u's whois command
P5U::Command in lib/P5U/Command.pm
P5U::Command::About in lib/P5U/Command/About.pm
P5U::Command::Aliases in lib/P5U/Command/Aliases.pm
P5U::Command::AutoProve in lib/P5U/Command/AutoProve.pm
P5U::Command::Commands in lib/P5U/Command/Commands.pm
P5U::Command::DebianRelease in lib/P5U/Command/DebianRelease.pm
P5U::Command::Reprove in lib/P5U/Command/Reprove.pm
P5U::Command::Testers in lib/P5U/Command/Testers.pm
P5U::Command::TestPod in lib/P5U/Command/TestPod.pm
P5U::Command::Version in lib/P5U/Command/Version.pm
P5U::Command::Whois in lib/P5U/Command/Whois.pm
Changes for version 0.100
    • (Addition) whois command in verbose mode now shows a list of a user's most popular distributions
    • (Update) Switch from MooX::Types::MooseLike to Types::Standard
    • (Update) Switch from Path::Class and Path::Class::Rule to Path::Tiny and Path::Iterator::Rule
    • (Update) Switch from smartmatch to match::simple and match::smart

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