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Changes for version 1.026

  • Fix RT#101800: [PATCH] Reinstate files to inc dir if deleted by external process
    • The actual fix is in PAR (cf r1584) (add a "canary" file), bump the required version of PAR, add a test.
  • Find the "\nPAR.pm\n" signature in a .par (or packed executable) even if it's not at end of the file (algorithm stolen from Archive::Zip's search for the EOCD signature).
    • This is intended to help code signing which may add stuff at the end of the executable.
  • Fix RT#104635 for PAR-Packer: IO error the first time an executable built by the packer is run on OSX
  • Fix RT#104509: Problem signing PAR file, and RT#104560: [PATCH] list added files in manifest
    • Apply (slightly modified) patch by Shawn Laffan (SLAFFAN@cpan.org) from RT#104560. Thanks, Shawn!
  • Make MIME::Types work "out of the box"
    • pack its data file MIME/types.db
    • patch the code to read MIME/types.db
    • bump required version of Module::ScanDeps (needed for MIME::Types %preload rule and fix for handling of "open FH, '<:encoding(utf8)', ..." since that's what MIME::Types does)
  • Bump requirement on PAR (for the fix for RT #103861), add a test.
  • Update tkpp ito 1.5:
    • using -M will now work (the current directory added in @INC)
    • tkpp delete and test building file.
  • Make pp fail when an unknown option is encountered.
  • Remove PAR::Packer::_append_parl(), not called anywhere.
  • Add license; update repository OpenFoundry repository URL


  • par.pl - Make and run Perl Archives
  • parl - Binary PAR Loader
  • tkpp - frontend to pp written in Perl/Tk.