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Jaap Karssenberg
Zoidberg - a modular perl shell
Zoidberg - a modular perl shell
Zoidberg::Buffer - The zoidberg input buffer
Zoidberg::Commands - Zoidberg plugin for internal commands
Zoidberg::Fish - Base class for loadable Zoidberg plugins
Zoidberg::Help - Generates help texts for zoidberg
Zoidberg::Hermes - Zoidberg module SQL handling
Zoidberg::History - History plugin for the Zoidberg shell
Zoidberg::Intel - Zoidberg module handling tab expansion and globbing
Zoidberg::MOTZ - message of the zoid, replace fortune
Zoidberg::Monitor - simple event monitoring
Zoidberg::PdParse - parses Zoidbergs config files
Zoidberg::Prompt - Modular prompt plugin for Zoidberg
Zoidberg::Sepository - Inline:: glue
Zoidberg::StringParse - Zoidberg module for parsing strings to anything
Zoidberg::Test - al kind of garbage to test zoidberg
fortune in MOTZ/MOTZ.pm
Job in Trog/Trog.pm
Kiff in Trog/Trog.pm
Process in Trog/Trog.pm
stub_buffer in Zoidberg.pm
stub_commands in Zoidberg.pm
stub_help in Zoidberg.pm
stub_history in Zoidberg.pm
stub_intel in Zoidberg.pm
stub_motz in Zoidberg.pm
stub_prompt in Zoidberg.pm
stub_stub in Zoidberg.pm
Zoidberg::Trog in Trog/Trog.pm

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