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Changes for version 0.032 - 2017-08-25

  • Fixed
    • Fixed a problem where `ysql` would refuse to work as the first part of a cron job, thus making it useless for gathering metrics to be written to `yts`. Now we also check to see if `STDIN` is attached to something with some size...


Build YAML from another format (like JSON or CSV)
Build YAML by parsing lines of plain text
Mask a data structure to display only the desired fields
Filter YAML through a command-line program
Query SQL databases in a Yertl workflow
Change YAML to another format (like JSON)
Read/write time series data
Some recipies for common ETL tasks
A guide to using ysql to work with SQL databases
Prepare a release blog entry for this project


ETL with a Shell
Adapter to read/write from InfluxDB time series database
Read documents from a format like JSON or CSV
Parse lines of text into documents
Filter documents through applying a mask
Filter and construct documents using a mini-language
A Parse::RecDescent-based parser for programs
A Parse::RecDescent-based parser using a parse tree
A regex-based parser for programs
Read and write documents with a SQL database
Write documents to a format like JSON or CSV
Read/Write time series data
CSV read/write support for Yertl
The default format for intra-Yertl communication
JSON read/write support for Yertl
YAML read/write support for Yertl
Utility functions for Yertl modules