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Changes for version 0.035 - 2017-10-18

  • Fixed
    • Removed 'Z' time zone indicator from yts input/output and time series adapters. Time zone does not enter in to any of the things we're doing with time series. If users need to do things with time zones, they'll have to do it themselves (poor souls).


Build YAML from another format (like JSON or CSV)
Build YAML by parsing lines of plain text
Mask a data structure to display only the desired fields
Filter YAML through a command-line program
Query SQL databases in a Yertl workflow
Change YAML to another format (like JSON)
Read/write time series data
Some recipies for common ETL tasks
A guide to using ysql to work with SQL databases
Prepare a release blog entry for this project


ETL with a Shell
Adapter to read/write from Graphite time series database
Adapter to read/write from InfluxDB time series database
Read documents from a format like JSON or CSV
Parse lines of text into documents
Filter documents through applying a mask
Filter and construct documents using a mini-language
A regex-based parser for programs
Read and write documents with a SQL database
Write documents to a format like JSON or CSV
Read/Write time series data
Base class for input/output formats
CSV read/write support for Yertl
The default format for intra-Yertl communication
JSON read/write support for Yertl
YAML read/write support for Yertl
Utility functions for Yertl modules