Changes for version 1.042 - 2016-08-26

  • Added
    • Default adapters can now be configured with arguments (thanks @bjakubski!)

Changes for version 1.041 - 2016-08-18 (TRIAL RELEASE)

  • Added
    • Logging methods now return the formatted log string so that it can be used in a `die` or `warn` call.
  • Changed
    • A new default log proxy (Log::Any::Proxy::Null) is used when there are no adapters configured (and so no place for logs to go). This proxy does no processing and is about 1000% percent faster on my laptop.
  • Fixed
    • Suppress 'redundant argument' warnings if too many arguments are given to a log formatting string.


Manual for developing new Log::Any adapters


Bringing loggers and listeners together
Tell Log::Any where to send its logs
Simple adapter for logging to files
Discards all log messages
Simple adapter for logging to STDERR
Simple adapter for logging to STDOUT
Common utility functions for Log::Any
Log::Any generator proxy object
Log::Any generator proxy for no adapters
Test what you're logging with Log::Any


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in lib/Log/Any/Adapter/
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