Changes for version 1.714 - 2023-03-20

  • Fixed
    • Fixed Syslog adaptor losing ident and facility information if another library wrongly calls Sys::Syslog::closelog(). This is not a perfect solution, but a perfect solution can only ever be to fix the close that's calling closelog() :P
      • Thanks to Tom Christiansen and @GrantStreetGroup for reporting this issue and providing the fix.


Manual for developing new Log::Any adapters


Bringing loggers and listeners together
Tell Log::Any where to send its logs
Adapter for capturing log messages into an arrayref
Simple adapter for logging to files
Adapter to use allow structured logging across other adapters
Discards all log messages
Simple adapter for logging to STDERR
Simple adapter for logging to STDOUT
Send Log::Any logs to syslog
Common utility functions for Log::Any
Log::Any generator proxy object
Log::Any generator proxy for no adapters
Log::Any proxy to upgrade string errors to objects with stack traces
Test what you're logging with Log::Any