Changes for version 0.7.0 - 2023-10-01

  • `make_image_from_bioconda` now supports multiple packages [experimental]
  • `make_package` will now read the binaries from images, if made with make_image_from_bioconda
  • Improved `shelf`


How to make your configuration file for NBI::Slurm tools
List your jobs (or others), and delete them if you wish
Create a Singularity/Apptainer image from micromamba
Install a "package" in the NBI HPC using a singularity image
Run a job in the cluster using NBI::Slurm
Start an interactive session on the cluster
Search for HPC packages in the cluster
Wait for selected jobs to exit the queue
List the users with active jobs, and the number of jobs in the cluster


A class for representing a job for NBI::Slurm
A class for representing a the SLURM options for NBI::Slurm
NBI::Queue, to filter jobs in the queue
NBI::QueuedJob, to describe a job from the SLURM queue (squeue)
NBI Slurm module