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Apache::Queue - An HTTP file queueing system.


#httpd.conf <Directory "/usr/local/apache/htdocs/files"> SetHandler perl-script PerlHandler Apache::Queue

  # the size of the queue (default: 300)
  PerlSetVar QueueSize 300

  # how many simultanious file transfers
  # before queueing (default: 10)
  PerlSetVar MaxSends 10

  # Location of customized templates if needed
  # Do not set this if you wish to use the internal templates
  # Templates are process by Template-Toolkit, see
  # for docs
  # There are 4 template files needed.
  #  queue_send.html     - The "Your download should start..." page
  #  queue_sending.html  - Notifys the visitor of an existing download
  #  queue_position.html - Page used while a user is inline
  #  queue_full.html     - Tells the queue is full
  # View the defaults in the module for samples
  PerlSetVar TemplatePath /usr/local/apache/templates



An HTTP file queueing system. Allow visitors to "line up" to download files.


mod_perl(3), Apache(3)


Donald Becker -