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Author image R. Geoffrey Avery

Changes for version 0.32

  • Removed Fakefile.PL that was for testing but only caused problems. The content has been held over after __END__ in Makefile.PL
  • Added missing fullname for libpng license which was causing an odd number of parts in a hash
  • Added support for Module::Build (patch from Dave Rolsky)
  • Fixed misplaced backslash when generating the new method
  • Generated Makefile.PL now has a prerequisite of Test::Simple

Changes for version 0.312_29

  • Complete rewrite from the ground up for the 0.3xxx line
  • Created by ExtUtils::ModuleMaker 0.202
  • Now object oriented for customizability
  • Licenses in two new modules: ExtUtils::ModuleMaker::Licenses::Standard ExtUtils::ModuleMaker::Licenses::Local
  • Customize for local environment by subclassing, example in ExtUtils::ModuleMaker::SecondStyle
  • Tests now use Test::More
  • New interactive script 'modulemaker'
  • Removed old scripts 'newmodule' and 'eumm'
  • Old functions are deprecated, but still here for now Quick_Module Generate_Module_Files
  • Fixed missing VERSION_FROM in Makefile.PL
  • pod and new method can now be optional in extra modules and different in each module

Changes for version 0.204_01

  • Renamed eumm to the more memorable newmodule
  • Documented newmodule
  • More testing. We use Test::More now
  • Verbose prints to STDOUT not STDERR
  • Minor internal changes

Changes for version 0.202_02

  • New feature: create compact base directories
  • New program: eumm (name TBD) frontend.

Changes for version 0.202_01

  • Creates .cvsignore


interactive interface to ExtUtils::ModuleMaker


Better than h2xs, for creating all the parts of modules
Templates for the module's License/Copyright
Templates for the module's License/Copyright
Demonstation of alternate style/templates