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Changes for version 0.85

  • Lower timeouts during tests (Anil Madhavapeddy)
  • Add configure_hook to MultiType (Michael Alan Dorman)
  • More graceful exit of children in PreForkSimple (Helge Kraenz)
  • Correct test for POSIX::setuid(0) success (Peter Chen)
  • Allow DOS filenames for conf files (Mark M. Adkins)
  • Allow for ndelay on Sys::Syslog::openlog (Doug Perham)
  • Add documentation about run_dequeue.
  • Add run_dequeue feature to Multiplex personality.


Extensible, general Perl server engine
bdpf Safe fork and daemonization utilities
Net::Server personality
Net::Server personality
Net::Server personality
Multiplex several connections within one process
Net::Server personality
Net::Server personality
adp0 - Net::Server Protocol compatibility layer
adp0 - Net::Server SSL protocol.
adp0 - Net::Server TCP protocol.
adp0 - Net::Server UDP protocol.
adp0 - Net::Server UNIX protocol.
adpf - Safer signal handling
Net::Server personality


in lib/Net/Server/
in lib/Net/Server/