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Changes for version 0.08116

  • Perl 5.8.1 is now the minimum supported version
  • Massive optimization of the join resolution code - now joins will be removed from the resulting SQL if DBIC can prove they are not referenced by anything
  • Subqueries no longer marked experimental
  • Support for Informix RDBMS (limit/offset and auto-inc columns)
  • Support for Sybase SQLAnywhere, both native and via ODBC
  • might_have/has_one now warn if applied calling class's column has is_nullable set to true.
  • Fixed regression in deploy() with a {sources} table limit applied (RT#52812)
  • Views without a view_definition will throw an exception when parsed by SQL::Translator::Parser::DBIx::Class
  • Stop the SQLT parser from auto-adding indexes identical to the Primary Key
  • InflateColumn::DateTime refactoring to allow fine grained method overloads
  • Fix ResultSetColumn improperly selecting more than the requested column when +columns/+select is present
  • Fix failure when update/delete of resultsets with complex WHERE SQLA structures
  • Fix regression in context sensitiveness of deployment_statements
  • Fix regression resulting in overcomplicated query on search_related from prefetching resultsets
  • Fix regression on all-null returning searches (properly switch LEFT JOIN to JOIN in order to distinguish between both cases)
  • Fix regression in groupedresultset count() used on strict-mode MySQL connections
  • Better isolation of RNO-limited queries from the rest of a prefetching resultset
  • New MSSQL specific resultset attribute to allow hacky ordered subquery support
  • Fix nasty schema/dbhandle leak due to SQL::Translator
  • Initial implementation of a mechanism for Schema::Version to apply multiple step upgrades
  • Fix regression on externally supplied $dbh with AutoCommit=0
  • FAQ "Custom methods in Result classes"
  • Cookbook POD fix for add_drop_table instead of add_drop_tables
  • Schema POD improvement for dclone
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