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Changes for version 0.03_07

  • misc. code tweaks
  • minor changes to documentation
  • Recent plugin only returns tar.gz|tgz|tar.bz2|zip files
  • uses Path::Class for various operations

Changes for version 0.03_06

  • updated FAQ about protecting privacy
  • CPANPLUS 'extractdir' and 'fetchdir' config options added
  • added 'suppress_extracted' as an config option, to remove the 'Extracted' messages generated by CPANPLUS.
  • added new plugin - PlainTextList - and tests for it
  • added new automatic test script -

Changes for version 0.03_05

  • fixed bug where configuration settings were not used by CPANPLUS::Backend [ #12197]
  • CPANPLUS conf settings can be configured in the ini file
  • miscellaneous documentation tweaks
  • additional comments/code tweaks
  • corrected issue with Test::Pod::Coverage tests
  • prefer_makefile defaults to '1' (better diagnostics)
  • added hooks for more CPANPLUS configuration fields
  • cleaned-up README
  • added note in POD about SourceForge project
  • 13recent.t now uses File::Temp so that RECENT file is not left
  • added Test::Portability::Files test
  • corrected issues with "none", "ungraded" reports
  • simplified the algorithm for when test reports are sent out
  • prereqs that are unknown or ungraded will not block block tests
  • added FAQ
  • removed duplicate entries in Changes file

Changes for version 0.03_04

  • bugfixes
    • when a grade is not found should be listed as 'none' in test()
    • new() wasn't being passed the %config hash in mark()
    • the $dist can either be a full path or the dist name in mark()
    • uc() was unclear in purge()
    • debug call removed from purge()

Changes for version 0.03_03

  • YAML is now a required module
  • renamed connect_configure, connect_cpanplus, connect_db, disconnect_db functions to conform to Pod::Coverage reqs
  • corrected typo in POD
  • added Pod::Coverage tests
  • removed File::Spec minimum version since it limited platforms

Changes for version 0.03_02

  • added new purge() and flush() functions
  • ability to specify local database file
  • rebuilt excluded dist functions for reuse
  • added 'allow_retries' configuration setting
  • added 'flush_flag' configuration setting (used by purge())
  • distributions with .tgz and .zip extensions now also supported
  • cleaned up audit printing
  • updated POD for plugins & bug reporting
  • added examples/ script

Changes for version 0.03_01

  • updated Build.PL to recommend modules for testing
  • ignore older versions ( #11775)
  • tell MakeMaker to use defaults via environment ( #11528)
  • corrected Build.PL abstract from 0.02_08


a Yet Another CPAN Smoke script.
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Yet Another CPAN Smoke Tester
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