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Changes for version 1.32 - 2004-02-25

  • Bugfix for memory allocation problems on win systems
    • Rafael Kitover <>
  • Rewrote the foreign_key_info() method to handle multi-column keys. [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Rewrote the primary_key_info() and primary_key() methods to cleanly handle multi-column primary keys. Also added a "pg_onerow" attribute to allow primary_key_info() to return a single row containing multiple-column information. [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Switched commit behavior from commit->execute->begin to begin->execute->commit
  • Made the _pg_use_catalog subroutine use {private_dbgpg}. (CPAN bug #4841) [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Changed strdup to safemalloc/strcpy in dbdimp.c (CPAN bug #4578) [anonymous CPAN user]
  • Made the data_sources method escape the database names as needed. Added support for databases with spaces in their names.
    • Greg Sabino Mullane
  • Added the "noprefix" attribute to prevent the tables() method from prepending the schema name. [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Rewrote the testing suite. Many more tests are performed. Servers with a low client_min_messages are handled correctly.
    • Greg Sabino Mullane
  • Fixed bug causing '$\d' to be picked up as a placeholder. (CPAN bug #4799) [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • pg_notifies now catches and reports when PQconsumeInput fails. (CPAN bug #4027) []
  • Enabled the "pg_bool_tf" database handle [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Added required fields to the type_info() method: SQL_DATA_TYPE, SQL_DATETIME_SUB, and INTERVAL PRECISION
    • Greg Sabino Mullane
  • Fixed bug where the table_attributes() method was incorrectly removing the NULLABLE column. [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Fixed bug where case was not being preserved by the foreign_key_info() method [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • a fetch on any column that had a type that did not have an entry in the type_info array would segfault DBD::Pg. (CPAN bugs #4818,4432) [Rudy Lippan]
  • Duplicate rows bug with column_info() REMARKS has been fixed. However, support for Postgres 7.1.x which worked briefly for 1.31 has now been dropped for this feature. (Mark Stosberg)
  • Bumped required Perl version to 5.6.1 in Makefile.PL. We were already already requiring 5.6.1 for since 1.31.
  • Removed extra "return" statement in quote.c to make Solaris happy (CPAN bug #4419) [Rudy Lippan]
  • Changed get_info(29) to return (") instead of (\") (CPAN bug #4829) [Greg Sabino Mullane]


PostgreSQL database driver for the DBI module