Changes for version 0.006 - 2013-08-06

  • Added HTML transformer for use when HTMLExtractMain does not give desired output
  • Added -t command line switch to allow selection of transformers
  • Use UTF-8 to encode MOBI files
  • Bugfix for article test
  • Set Moo version dependency
  • Handle HTML fragments as HTML in files
  • Bugfix for HTML articles with no title
  • Handle HTML pages with two title tags and extra whitespace
  • Format title for text with leading whitespace and long lines
  • Added config table plus support for schema versioning and upgrades


a tool to store articles and publish them as eBooks to read later


store articles and publish them to read later
routines to access Zapzi articles
database access for Zapzi
database schema for zapzi
routines to get articles for Zapzi
fetch article from a file
fetch article via URL
routines to access Zapzi folders
create eBooks from Zapzi articles
role definition for fetcher modules
role definition for transformer modules
routines to transform Zapzi articles to readble HTML
transform text using HTMLExtractMain
transform text using HTMLExtractMain
transform text using Markdown
default text transformer