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Changes for version 0.01 - 2011-03-08

  • released 0.01

Changes for version 0.00_4 - 2010-06-05

  • changed file hash elements in xsd to xs:string from xs:hexBinary and added pattern matching for validation

Changes for version 0.00_03 - 2010-06-04

  • fixed ->in() to set the _hash too
  • fixed return line in ->in()

Changes for version 0.00_02 - 2010-06-04

  • added XML::Malware->in() support for reading in xml

Changes for version 0.00_01 - 2010-05-25

  • adapted to work with ICSG schema v1.1
    • original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options -AXBn XML::Malware


Perl extension for representing malware samples in XML