Changes for version 2.05 - 2022-05-22

  • Released with no further code changes.

Changes for version 2.04_02 - 2022-03-09

  • Fix missed case of spotting expression ending ")" or "]". [mohawk2]
  • Fix too-loosely allowing ?...? as RE (often actually conditional op).
    • mohawk2

Changes for version 2.04_01 - 2022-03-05

  • Performance optimizations. [mohawk2, PR#5]
  • Fix "<<=" being seen as heredoc, misparsing of "y=>". [mohawk2, PR#6]
  • Update documentation to clarify extract_tagged() takes regexes. [Jay Hannah, GH#3]
  • Modernize tests. [mohawk2, GH#2]
  • Fix extract_variable() not recognising ${var} end of string. [Ed J, CPAN RT#70007]
  • Fix string-comparing $@ causing exception. [Ed J, CPAN RT#74994)
  • Update documentation to correct CSV example. [, CPAN RT#140408]
  • Fix extract_codeblock() being confused by //. [Ed J, CPAN RT#78313]
  • Improve here-doc detection. [Ed J, CPAN RT#74714]
  • Fix extract_multiple() to track whether to allow /.../ as quotelike.


Extract delimited text sequences from strings.


in lib/Text/
in lib/Text/