Changes for version 2.08

  • Added $r->config->template_extension() to set optional file extension for templates (Dave Howorth)
  • Fixes:
  • Maypole::Application adds plugin classes to caller's @ISA (Marcus Ramberg)
  • FETCH_CODE_ATRIBUTES in M::M::Base should return an empty list if there are no attributes
  • M::M::CDBI will warn() about Class::DBI::FromCGI errors


The Maypole Manual
Introduction to Maypole
The Beer Database, Twice
The Maypole iBuySpy Portal
Flox: A Free Social Networking Site
Maypole Model Classes
Maypole Request Hacking Cookbook
Maypole's Standard Templates and Actions
Maypole View Classes
Maypole's Request Workflow


Apache front-end to Maypole
CGI-based front-end to Maypole
MVC web application framework
Universal Maypole Frontend
Command line interface to Maypole for testing and debugging
Maypole Configuration Class
Maypole predefined constants
Convenience wrapper around HTTP::Headers
Base class for model classes
Model class based on Class::DBI
Class::DBI model without ::Loader
Base class for view classes
A Template Toolkit view class for Maypole


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