Changes for version 0.008

  • The DOM plugin (0.010): • Scripts that are sent with a transfer encoding (such as gzip) now work. • navigator->appVersion • count_timers The JavaScript plugin: • check_timeouts has been removed. JE backend (0.007): •‘var x;’ now creates the global var instead of being a no- op (broken in 0.006). • Event handlers in an event attribute of a <form> element no longer die when variables are named. (Thanks to Imre Rad for alerting me to this.) (This was broken all the way back in version 0.002.)
  • 0.007a 18 October, 2008 The DOM plugin (0.009): • The location object’s hash method now returns an empty string when there is no fragment, instead of ‘#’ (with warnings).

Changes for version 0.008

  • The JavaScript plugin: • The JavaScript plugin now calls ->destroy on the back end when it has finished with it. This gives the back end a chance to destroy any circular references it might have. JE back end: • It now takes advantage of JE’s new JE::Destroyer module, to eliminate circular references.


JavaScript plugin for WWW::Scripter


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