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Changes for version 3.0

  • Code name "Rainbow", this is a major release.
  • Removed Mojolicious::Plugin::I18N so it can be maintained as a separate distribution.
  • Removed app_class attribute from Mojo::Server.
  • Removed qp_decode and qp_encode methods from Mojo::ByteStream.
  • Removed qp_decode and qp_encode functions from Mojo::Util.
  • Removed render_to_file and render_file_to_file methods from Mojo::Template.
  • Renamed Mojo::CookieJar to Mojo::UserAgent::CookieJar.
  • Renamed Mojo::Command to Mojolicious::Command.
  • Renamed format, reqs, symbol_start and symbols attributes in Mojolicious::Routes::Pattern to format_regex, constraints, placeholder_start and placeholders.
  • Merged get_all_data and get_data methods from Mojo::Command into data method in Mojo::Loader.
  • Moved class_to_file and class_to_path methods from Mojo::Command to Mojo::Util.
  • Updated IO::Socket::SSL requirement to 1.75 for IO::Socket::IP support.
  • Switched back from IO::Socket::INET6 to IO::Socket::IP for IPv6 support.
  • Switched from HMAC-MD5 to HMAC-SHA1 for signed cookies.
  • Added slurp function to Mojo::Util.
  • Added slurp method to Mojo::ByteStream.
  • Added j and r functions to ojo. (sharifulin, sri)
  • Added accept_interval attribute to Mojo::IOLoop.
  • Added support for new HTTP status code.
  • Modernized ".perltidyrc".
  • Improved Mojo::IOLoop::Server to prioritize RC4 cipher, which mitigates the BEAST attack. (Danny Thomas)
  • Improved not found page to highlight custom route names.
  • Improved to method in Mojolicious::Routes::Route to give easier access to default parameters.
  • Improved message parser performance slightly.
  • Improved documentation. (ichesnokov, sri)
  • Improved tests.
  • Fixed bug that prevented sessions from working in embedded applications.
  • Fixed JSON Pointer escaping.
  • Fixed small JSON Pointer bug in get command. (avkhozov)
  • Fixed small application initialization bug in Mojo::Server.
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