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Changes for version 4.0

  • Code name "Top Hat", this is a major release.
  • Added simple JSON serialization and deserialization support to Mojo::Transaction::WebSocket.
  • Added json event to Mojo::Transaction::WebSocket.
  • Added render_maybe method to Mojolicious::Controller.
  • Added again method to Mojo::Reactor, Mojo::Reactor::Poll and Mojo::Reactor::EV.
  • Added is_empty method to Mojo::Transaction::HTTP.
  • Added close_gracefully method to Mojo::IOLoop::Stream.
  • Changed Mojolicious default secret to the application moniker to make it slightly more secure.
  • Changed types in Mojolicious::Types to consistently use arrays.
  • Changed heuristics for number detection in Mojo::JSON to better line up with user expectations.
  • Changed render and render_static methods in Mojolicious::Controller to call render_not_found if no response could be generated.
  • Removed callback support from body method in Mojo::Message.
  • Removed Mojolicious::Plugin::PoweredBy and Mojolicious::Plugin::RequestTimer.
  • Removed pair_separator attribute from Mojolicious::Parameters.
  • Removed data attribute from Mojo::URL.
  • Removed captures attribute from Mojolicious::Routes::Match.
  • Removed charset attribute from Mojo::DOM::HTML.
  • Removed charset method from Mojo::DOM.
  • Removed render_data, render_json, render_partial and render_text methods from Mojolicious::Controller.
  • Removed json_content_is method from Test::Mojo.
  • Removed has_leftovers method from Mojo::Content.
  • Removed is_chunked, is_dynamic, is_multipart, has_leftovers, leftovers, write and write_chunk methods from Mojo::Message.
  • Removed hmac_md5_sum method from Mojo::ByteStream.
  • Removed hmac_md5_sum function from Mojo::Util.
  • Removed memorize helper.
  • Removed deprecated end method from Mojo::IOLoop::Delay.
  • Removed deprecated build_form_tx, build_json_tx, post_form and post_json methods from Mojo::UserAgent.
  • Removed deprecated form and json methods from Mojo::UserAgent::Transactor.
  • Removed deprecated post_form_ok and post_json_ok methods from Test::Mojo.
  • Removed deprecated f and n functions from ojo.
  • Removed deprecated after_static_dispatch hook.
  • Renamed shape_match method in Mojolicious::Routes::Pattern to match_partial.
  • Reduced idle CPU usage of Mojo::IOLoop.
  • Increased default lock_timeout from 0.5 to 1 second in Mojo::Server::Prefork and Mojo::Server::Hypnotoad.
  • Improved Mojo::IOLoop performance significantly and reduced CPU usage when managing more than 10k concurrent connections.
  • Improved Mojolicious to be able to detect the current operating mode from the PLACK_ENV environment variable.
  • Improved Mojolicious to not trap exceptions if the default exception handling has been deactivated.
  • Improved json_is and json_message_is methods in Test::Mojo by making the JSON Pointer optional. (jberger)
  • Improved renderer performance.
  • Improved Mojo::DOM::HTML performance.
  • Improved Mojo::Reactor::Poll performance.
  • Improved html_unescape performance in Mojo::Util.
  • Improved Mojolicious::Plugin::EPLRenderer to cache templates more efficiently.
  • Improved documentation.
  • Improved tests.
  • Fixed Perl 5.17.11+ compatibility.
  • Fixed Mojo::JSON to encode "inf" and "nan" values as strings. (chansen)
  • Fixed a few authority and rendering bugs in Mojo::URL.
  • Fixed layout bugs in Mojolicious::Renderer.
  • Fixed support for HEAD request method in Mojo::Server::CGI and Mojo::Server::PSGI.
  • Fixed small line directive bug in Mojo::Template.
  • Fixed small limit bug in Mojo::Message.
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