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Sebastian Riedel

Changes for version 5.0

  • Code name "Tiger Face", this is a major release.
  • Changed heuristics for number detection in Mojo::JSON to better line up with user expectations.
  • Changed lock and unlock callbacks in Mojo::IOLoop to not receive an invocant.
  • Changed return value of path_for method in Mojolicious::Routes::Match.
  • Changed return value and arguments of error method in Mojo::Message.
  • Removed deprecated support for "X-Forwarded-HTTPS".
  • Removed return values from wait method in Mojo::IOLoop::Delay.
  • Removed list context support from header method in Mojo::Headers.
  • Removed generate_port method from Mojo::IOLoop.
  • Replaced reserved stash value partial with render_to_string method.
  • Replaced format method in Mojo::Log with an attribute.
  • Replaced check_file method in Mojo::Server::Morbo with check method.
  • Added with_compression method to Mojo::Transaction::WebSocket.
  • Added catch method to Mojo::EventEmitter.
  • Added append method to Mojo::Log.
  • Updated jQuery to version 2.1.1.
  • Improved Mojo::IOLoop::Delay to automatically check if the event loop is already running.
  • Improved Mojo::Parameters to consistently accept arrays.
  • Improved Mojo::Collection to perform actual boolean checks. (marcus)
  • Fixed Mojo::DOM::HTML to handle slashes in unquoted attribute values correctly.
  • Fixed Mojo::IOLoop::Server to work correctly with newer versions of IO::Socket::SSL. (noxxi)
  • Fixed rendering bug where rewritten arguments could not be localized.
  • Fixed verification bug in Mojo::IOLoop::Server.
  • Fixed path generation bug in Mojolicious::Routes::Match.
  • Fixed warnings in Mojo::IOLoop::Delay.
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