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mop::internals::observable - internal use only
mop::internals::syntax - internal use only
mop::internals::util - internal use only
mop::manual::details::attributes - A manual for p5-mop
mop::manual::details::classes - A manual for p5-mop
mop::manual::details::methods - A manual for p5-mop
mop::manual::details::mop - A manual for p5-mop
mop::manual::details::roles - A manual for p5-mop
mop::manual::details::traits - A manual for p5-mop
mop::manual::intro - A manual for p5-mop
mop::manual::tutorials::moose_to_mop - A manual for p5-mop
mop - A new object system for Perl 5
mop::attribute - A meta-object to represent attributes
mop::class - A meta-object to represent classes
mop::method - A meta-object to represent methods
mop::object - A base object for mop classes
mop::role - A meta-object to represent roles
mop::traits - collection of traits for the mop
mop::traits::util - some utility functions for inspecting traits
op - syntactic sugar to make mop one-liners easier
Changes for version 0.02
    • second TRIAL release to CPAN
    • All but one dependency removed, the only one left is Devel::CallParser, which we hope can be pushed into the Perl core.
    • Much of the internals have now been re-written in XS

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