Net::INET6Glue::INET_is_INET6 - make IO::Socket::INET behave like IO::Socket::INET6


 use Net::INET6Glue::INET_is_INET6;
 use LWP::Simple;
 print get( 'http://[::1]:80' );
 print get( '' );


Many modules directly create IO::Socket::INET sockets or have it as a superclass. Because IO::Socket::INET has no support for IPv6 these modules don't have it either.

This module tries to make IO::Socket::INET behave like IO::Socket::INET6 by copying the symbol table from IO::Socket::INET6 into IO::Socket::INET. The original symbol table from IO::Socket::INET is still available in IO::Socket::INET4.

This strategy works for Net::SMTP, LWP and probably a lot of other modules too, which don't try to depend too much on the innards of IO::Socket::INET or on the text representation of IP addresses (IPv6 addresses look different than IPv4 addresses).


This module is copyright (c) 2008, Steffen Ullrich. All Rights Reserved. This module is free software. It may be used, redistributed and/or modified under the same terms as Perl itself.