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NAME - A MovableType plugin that hooks the Text::Tiki module in MovableType with a text formatting plugin and container tag. Also includes an example of a macro.


        <MTTikiText>*The World* says /foo/.</MTTikiText>
        # In an entry where TikiText Text Formatting has been selected.

        !2 Experimental Macro Feature Test
        %%MTIncludeModulePostprocessing some module name%%
        This is an inline macro insertion of a module: 
        %%MTIncludeModuleInline some other module name%% that has been processed for
        TikiText while this is a literal insertion of a module:
        %%MTIncludeModuleInlineLiteral some other module name again%%.


Place the file inside of your plugins directory where MT is installed. If the directory does not exist, create the plugins directory. Place the file in the extlib/Text subdirectory. If the Text directory does not exist in extlib create it.