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Changes for version 0.50 - 2004-01-18

  • Moved Bot::BasicBot::Pluggble::Module::Base to, and added as an empty subclass, for neatness.
  • Documented the object store methods better.
  • changed all the core modules to use the proget get/set store methods
  • Loader now uses the standard store system.
  • Installed shell script to run B::B::P.
  • The Infobot module can now passsively learn and passively answer questions (ie without requiring direct addressing) and you can set these options seperately.
  • The storage system is decently abstracted out, and has a default that does the same thing as the last one.
  • Gave the bot a default charset of utf8, because I'm a fan of utf8
  • utterly changed the infobot back-end store system. Updating it will be a pain, I'm sorry, but the last one really sucked. Re-wrote the infobot module to be _readable_, or at least slightly less nasty than before.


A standard Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable script


in lib/Bot/BasicBot/Pluggable/Module/