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  Imager::Font::Type1 - low-level functions for Type1 fonts


Imager::Font::T1 is deprecated.

T1Lib is unmaintained and has serious bugs when built on 64-bit systems. Freetype 2 has Type 1 font support and is supported by Imager via Imager::Font::FT2.

Imager::Font creates a Imager::Font::Type1 object when asked to create a font object based on a .pfb file.

See Imager::Font to see how to use this type.

This class provides low-level functions that require the caller to perform data validation

By default Imager no longer creates the t1lib.log log file. You can re-enable that by calling Imager::init() with the t1log option:


This must be called before creating any fonts.

Currently specific to Imager::Font::Type1, you can use the following flags when drawing text or calculating a bounding box:

  • underline - Draw the text with an underline.

  • overline - Draw the text with an overline.

  • strikethrough - Draw the text with a strikethrough.

Obviously, if you're calculating the bounding box the size of the line is included in the box, and the line isn't drawn :)


T1Lib supports multiple levels of anti-aliasing, by default, if you request anti-aliased output, Imager::Font::T1 will use the maximum level.

You can override this with the set_t1_aa() method:




Sets the T1Lib anti-aliasing level either for the specified font, or for new font objects.

The only parameter must be 1 or 2.

Returns true on success.


Addi, Tony