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Greg Sabino Mullane

Changes for version 2.12.0

  • Change large object interface from lo_* to pg_lo_* and make them accessible via direct $dbh calls (e.g. $dbh->pg_lo_import instead of $dbh->func(..,'pg_lo_import'). The use of $dbh->func(... 'lo_*') is deprecated. [GSM] (CPAN bug #44467)
  • Throw an exception for large_object functions called when AutoCommit is on, but allow pg_lo_import and pg_lo_export to work. Reported by Kynn Jones. [GSM] (CPAN bug #44461)
  • Fix a memory leak when parsing returned arrays. Reported by Bálint Szilakszi. [GSM] (CPAN bug #44225)
  • Do proper dequoting of boolean arrays [Armando Santos, GSM] (CPAN bug #43768)
  • Use pg_get_expr in column_info when available [Adam Sjøgren]
  • Fix minor bugs in POD docs. [Frank Wiegand] (CPAN bug #44242)
  • Fix minor bug in POD docs. [Tim Mattison]
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  • Bundle::DBD::Pg - A bundle to install all DBD::Pg related modules
  • DBD::Pg - PostgreSQL database driver for the DBI module